Crystal Eden has performed with many cover bands in Las Vegas such as The Trust, Saints and Sinners, Rich and Famous, Fortune, and Nitro.  She sings a wide variety of styles, and has a fantastic stage presence.  Crystal also works as a professional dancer and actress, and has been in shows such as Show in the Sky, Shag with a Twist, and Ignite.

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Trustees / Friends
Dennis Thompson
JD has over 23 years of touring/recording experience.  He performed on the Grand Ole Opry for three years doing radio and TV appearances with Connie Smith and Marty Stuart among others.  JD toured with Tammy Cochran on the "Life Happens" world tour and toured with Ron Keel of "Keel" fame in Las Vegas.  He also performed with “Country Music USA" and "Country Superstars Tribute" shows in Las Vegas. Since moving to Las Vegas from Nashville in 2003, JD has performed and recorded with numerous acts.
Tommy Paris began playing piano at the age of 8 and went on to learn drums, bass, guitar and vocals.  After years of cover and original band pursuits, Tommy landed the position of lead vocalist/guitarist/songwriter for the multi-platinum Britny Fox.  With cameo appearances from Poison's Rikki Rockett and Ozzy's Zakk Wylde, they recorded the hard rockin' Bite Down Hard for Atlantic Records.  The band enjoyed steady MTV airplay and an 8 month tour of the US before the grunge scene so drastically changed the industry.  In 2000, the band began recording and touring again, releasing 4 more CD’s on Spitfire and Sony records.  The band toured the US each year and were included in 2007‘s historical Rocklahoma" - a Woodstock for metal groups which featured Poison, Ratt, Dokken, Queensryche, Twisted Sister and more. Tommy has recorded 11 albums and is currently compiling songs for his next solo CD while playing in cover bands in Las Vegas.
Mike Riojas

Jun Estanislao Drummer Extraordinaire.
Kelly Christian delivers a catchy crossover appeal that marries time-honored showmanship with musical virtuosity.  His enormous vocal range coupled with his multi-tasking musicality (keyboards, guitar, harmonica, saxophone) makes this performer a crowd pleasing professional seldom seen anywhere!  Las Vegas has proven to be promising for artist Kelly Christian. He and his former band Catch 22 were featured on the Howard Stern Show and Access Hollywood.  Kelly has performed live on internationally syndicated television for both The Roseanne Show and Regis & Kathy Lee and has had the honor of singing the “National Anthem” for The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings games as well as performing for Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion!  Kelly Christian's versatility as a performer has proven noteworthy as he has worked in many of Las Vegas' top acts including "Yellow Brick Road", "Wonderboogie" and "RadioRage."

Glenn Gallarde was born into a musical family. At the age of 7 he came to the United States and began touring with his parent’s band. He has been performing professionally since that time. Along with lead vocals, he has mastered many musical instruments including keyboards, drums, guitar, bass guitar and percussion.  At the age of 17 he appeared on the nationally syndicated talent competition, “Star Search.” He has had the unique opportunity to perform not only all over the United Stated but internationally.  At the age of 19 he had a #1 hit in the Philippines with a song he wrote and arranged, “Good-Bye Summer Love.”  He is now performing in Las Vegas while still taking time to write original material.