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The Trust is the future of on-the-strip Las Vegas Entertainment.  Due to the recent influx of video games, the rock sounds of the 70's, 80's and 90's have returned with a force that is unmatched by the hip hop scene.  Men and women, alike, flock to listen and dance to the upbeat sounds of "The Trust".  This band re-creates the sounds and atmosphere that make you want to tap your feet, sing along and get up and dance.  Steve Heath, master of all that is technical, painstakingly put together a group of talented musicians, including multi-talented Stephanie Sanchez who previously headlined production shows on the Las Vegas strip, backed up by smokin' vocals and premier musicians, "The Trust" is a crowd pleaser.  Most are amazed at how this band re-creates the music that "sounds just like the record" of the music they have been listening to over the past 30 - 40 years. For those who also enjoy hip hop sounds, "The Trust" has an amazing repertoire.  Versatile and entertaining, this band is a "must see" for those who are tired of the same old Vegas lounge scene.  Energize your patrons by booking the dynamic, entertaining band, "The Trust".
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